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Jeffrey Collier: Writing Your District's Story

Episode Summary

Jeffrey Collier of Saginaw ISD shares how he builds a "communications buffet" to enhance district communications in rural Michigan.

Episode Notes

Just along the shores of Michigan’s Lake Huron sits Au Gres-Sims School District. For some leaders, the district’s size—just two schools—might not seem to hold much opportunity. But Jeffrey Collier, who served as the district’s superintendent from 2012 to 2020, knew the district could be what he calls “the gold standard of education."

By instituting what he calls a “communications buffet” to market the district’s unique strengths, he and his team put Au-Gres Sims on the proverbial map. And as Michigan underwent population declines and other demographic shifts, the district’s enrollment actually increased under Collier’s watch.

This year, Collier switched gears, becoming superintendent of Saginaw Intermediate School District. Saginaw ISD isn’t a typical school district, it’s actually an educational service agency providing services, resources, and programs to 12 local school districts throughout the county. While his job looks a bit different today, Collier’s taking the lessons he learned about communication at Au-Gres Sims to boost Saginaw county’s profile as a whole.

In this episode, we’ll talk to Superintendent Collier about school communications: why they matter, what they can achieve, and how to implement them effectively. 

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