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Dr. Tammy Campbell: The Red Thread of Racial Equity

Episode Summary

Dr. Tammy Campbell shares how Washington's Federal Way Public Schools has threaded racial equity throughout the district's cutlure.

Episode Notes

For Dr. Tammy Campbell, equity could not be more central to her purpose. When she joined Washington’s Federal Way Public Schools in 2015, her work with her board began immediately—building a systemic approach to equity that was woven into each goal of the district. This approach hinges on regarding every stakeholder as a vital participant, responsible for their own “bold and courageous actions” to push the school district to be more socially just. 

As an educator of color who grew up in the South, Campbell has pushed to change the narrative of racial equity in education in a way that reflects her own lived experience. This includes celebrating the power of teachers, who Dr. Campbell acknowledges as her own original “sheroes and heroes” and listening and changing course based on feedback from students and families. 

In this episode, Campbell shares how equity has served as “the red thread” of large-scale improvement in all of her district’s strategies.

Dr. Tammy Campbell (@SupCampbellFWPS)

Federal Way Public Schools (@FWPS210)

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