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Dr. Jeff Horton: Courageous Conversations

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dr. Jeff Horton, Superintendent of GFW School District in Minnesota, discusses how he and his community moved from worry to hope through courageous conversations and active listening. Dr. Horton details how to transform the story of your schools in a short time by garnering support from your local community.

Episode Notes

This episode is a look inside what it takes for leaders to have courageous conversations with their stakeholders across the community. In this conversation we answer these questions and more:

  1. How can you transform hurt to hope?
  2. What role do accountability and vulnerability play in the superintendency?
  3. Can active listening and open conversations change a district’s story and even its finances?
  4. How can you give your community a reason to believe in your schools and your district’s future?

Dr. Jeff Horton joined GFW School District as superintendent months before the pandemic arrived, schools closed, and change was forced upon businesses and organizations. This is a story of transformation and rallying support to change a community that had 81% voting “No” on a past bond referendum to supporting a new operating levy in less than 50 days and 63% voting “Yes.”Join the conversation to start thinking differently about how you can shape your community’s perception of your district.

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