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Dr. Doug Brubaker: Getting to Redefinition With Technology

Episode Summary

Dr. Doug Brubaker shares how Texarkana ISD in Texas is thinking about technology with a redefinition mindset.

Episode Notes

When the pandemic hit, districts across the country had to rely on their technology teams like never before. Thanks to the pandemic, technology is irrevocably intertwined with education, and superintendents have to be technologically literate. Luckily for his district, Dr. Doug Brubaker, Superintendent of Texarkana ISD in Texas, served as a technology director before ever reaching the superintendency, helping him and his teams respond to the tech demands the pandemic brought. 

In this episode, Dr. Brubaker shares how he’s thinking about technology in the Texas district and how superintendents can use technology not to replace educational practices, but to redefine them.

Dr. Doug Brubaker (@DougBrubaker)

Texarkana ISD (@TexarkanaISD)

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