Dr. Bob Baldwin: Iterating Leadership

Episode Summary

Dr. Bob Baldwin shares how Massachusett's Fairhaven Public Schools has iterated a leadership pipeline to transform student achievement.

Episode Notes

Dr. Bob Baldwin had never planned on being a superintendent at Fairhaven, but he had always planned to send his children there.  So Bob was shocked nearly a decade ago when his wife, an alumna who "bled blue and white," told him that she didn’t think Fairhaven schools were good enough anymore. 

Because of his family’s passion for the district, he knew he had to help make Fairhaven not only a great district, but a district any employee would want to send their kids to. As luck would have it, Bob was already looking for a superintendency, and Fairhaven's was open. 

In this episode, Bob shares how Fairhaven is building leaders to make the district a destination that teachers, staff, and students are proud to call home.

Dr. Bob Baldwin and Fairhaven Public Schools (@Fairhevn_PS)

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