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Internal Marketing: Crafting Experiences for Staff & Teachers

Episode Summary

In this episode, host Tyler Vawser discusses how to craft exceptional events for teachers and staff with Sherese Nix (Executive Director of Communications at Garland ISD) and Nick Gray (founder and former CEO of Museum Hack). Together, they discuss how Garland ISD kicked off the academic year and how intentionality in the smallest details can influence how teachers and staff think about your schools.

Episode Notes

Your schools already have great people and stories. But too often those stories don't get shared, and, when they do, we can forget them too easily. An effective school event does far more than share information, it changes how people think and feel.

Sherese Nix, Executive Director of Communications at Garland ISD, shares how her district used an event as a platform to share their best stories and bring teachers and staff together. She goes into detail how she planned Garland’s Convocation, how it was different and unexpected from past years, and how it brought their entire community (even parents and students) closer together. 

Nick Gray speaks from his experience leading events in museums and in smaller events like cocktail parties to show how structure and intentionality can transform an average event into something worth remembering and talking about. 

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Follow Nick Gray at @nickgraynews, Sherese Nix at @sherese_nix and Garland ISD @gisdnews on Twitter and search the hashtag #TheGISDEffect. As promised, you can also find a handful of the MANY photos and videos shared about Garland ISD’s convocation event here: Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3, Tweet 4, Tweet 5, Tweet 6, Tweet 7

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